These modules explore Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). From how it works with the pump through to learning the three keys to CGM success. These 3 interactive modules help you understand your MiniMed® 640G System^.

Please note: the interactive modules are Flash and will not work on iOS devices. Please view in the internet browser on your desktop computer or Android tablet.

01: Exploring Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

The introductory learning module gives you information on continuous glucose monitoring.

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02: Keys to CGM Success

Building on Module 1, this second module provides further information on CGM and outlines keys for success when using CGM.

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03: Inserting the Enlite Sensor

The third module gives you in depth instructions on how to insert Enlite Sensor.

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The new One-press Serter-Simplifying sensor insertion

We are pleased to introduce a new Serter. As well as simplifying the sensor insertion process - it is also more intuitive to use. The One-press Serter can be used with sensors that come in the white Enlite™ sensor box.

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Blood Glucose and
Sensor Glucose

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