MiniMed® 640G System^

From getting to know your new pump, through to setting alerts, alarms and audio options, this series of six interactive modules helps you understand every aspect of your new MiniMed® 640G System^.

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CGM & Sensors

Understanding how CGM works and how it can be used with your pump is critical. These two interactive modules outline the 3 keys to success with CGM.

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MiniMed® Paradigm VEOTM

Easy, step-by-step explanations help you get to know and use the key features of your new MiniMed® Paradigm VeoTM pump. Our series of seven interactive modules explores its essential benefits so you feel more confident when you use it.

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Infusion Sets

Medtronic offers the widest range of infusion sets so that you can choose the right one for your comfort and safety.

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