The Guardian™ Connect system continuously measures your glucose levels,and uses smart technology to predict when you're going too high or low,sending the notification to your phone.

When you have the power to predict your glucose levels, you have the power to take action.


Clearly smarter prediction
lets you focus on your life,
not on your levels.

Imagine the difference an hour can make. Worry less and do more of what you love, with the people you love, thanks to sensor glucose readings every 5 minutes and customisable alerts to let you know about lows and highs* before they happen.

Guardian™ Connect is the only CGM that can alert you about predicted highs and lows anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes in advance, right on your smart phone.

When you have the power to predict your glucose levels, you have the power to take action, So, you can confidently focus on you life, not your levels.

smart technologythat fits seamlessly into your life.


Displays sensor glucose data, trends and alerts in a simple and easy to use design.

Small and discreet, the transmitter sends sensor glucose readings directly to your phone every 5 minutes via Bluetooth® technology. And with a comfortable, water-resistant design, you can wear it anytime - even while swimming or in  the shower.

Inserted just underneath the skin, each sensor measures glucose levels for up to 6 days a time. By measuring glucose levels in the interstitial fluid just under your skin, you can get around-the-clock glucose readings without having to frequently prick your finger.

Peace of mind
for the people you love.

Stay connected to your loved ones with the CareLink Connect platform. Anytime access to glucose levels and automatic text message alerts give your loved ones peace of mind.

Smart Diabetes technology with great support.

Unlike other CGM systems, the Guardian™ Connect transmitter was designed to last a full year, That's 100k sensor glucose readings and countless valuable insights with 20% of the equipment of the competition. Picture the difference in your daily life with the smartest, most precdictive and most affordable personal CGM on the market - the Guardian™ Connect system makes smarter case easier, on-the-go.

With personalised StartRight expertise to get you started and 24/7/365 support, you and your loved ones can get peace of mind right from the start.

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